Cuisine of England

England's cusine is renowned around the globe as being one of the best, mainly for it's unique tastes and flavours.

There are a variety of foods England offers, with common traditional foods such as fish and chips, bacon sandwiches and a traditional roast dinner.

One of the nation's favourite meals is a nice delicious bacon sandwich. This is a delicacy to most people, as it is a way to get you up in the morning, or a easy dinner to make. to make a bacon sandwich, there is a top quailty video you may watch here. In a bacon sandwich, all you need is bacon, and bread. It can be cooked, both fried and in the oven.

Another firm favourite amongst the great british public is Fish and chips. This is seen as the great british dish. Most people tend to buy it from a fish and chip shop or "chippy". It's very easy to make, as it is only potatoes, cut and sliced to a certain size, and battered fish.

Also, another dish traditionally served in England is a Roast Dinner. Normally served on a sunday dinner time, this dish includes roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy. This dish is very easy to cook up, but very time consuming, as there is a lot of preparation needed. Meat's will take around half an hour to fourty five minutes and vegetables will take around half an hour boiled.

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