Although Monaco is a prinicpapality, and not part of France, it still has the french cuisine. However, despite it being french, it is very expensive. It is mainly the service that is paid for, rather than the food. However, being the rich country it is, the food is superb!

The foods that are on offer in many restaurants will be served in an a la carte menu.

Monaco does have some authentic dishes which are very unknown to any travelling tourists.

The "Barbagiuan" is a specialty made with chard or spinach wrapped in pie dough. Barbagiuan is tasty pastry, ideal for those who have a sweet tooth. Prepared from pumpkin or spinach and rice and cheese and leek are added for the extra taste. This food is an excellent appetizer.

Fougasse is another type of pastry, Fougasse has that sweet smell that tempts any foodies. This is a specialty of the country. The pastry is decorated with varieties of nuts and aniseed.

However, Monaco is renowned for it's expensive culture. With the glitz and glamour, comes a price. In the casino square, there are some extortionate prices for small things. An ice cream will set you back at €6, a bottle of water will cost €4.

However, the prices for meals are another levels. There are a variety of meals, similar to english meals, but only more expensive. The meals are all served as "a la carte" style. Things such as Steak, Fish, Chicken and Pork are all served as small portions on large plates, costing between €20 - 30.

Why not make them yourself at a fraction of the price. Here are the recipes and all of the ingrediants.

Fillet de beouf et Frites (steak and chips)

Sea Bass

Jambon et pepper sauce (Pork and Pepper Sauce)

Cuisine of Monaco