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Italian food is heavily based in history and can be traced back to the 4th century BCE. Over the years italian food has been influenced by a number of sources such as invasion by neighbouring countries and the discovery of the new world. This brought new ingredients into spanish cuisine allowing them to experiment and adapt making new recipies that can today be seen as stereotypical foods associated with the italian cultures and traditions.

One of the most commonly associated foods with italian culture is spaghetti or lasagne, this is made with layered pasta strips over a sauce and covered with cheese

Lasagne has multiple names with the name lasagne being used in the UK and Europe to describe the food although this is plural and the singular lasagna is used in Italy. The origins of the name may have came from multiple sources but history suggests a roman influence with the name being used to describe the cooking pot in which the dish was made, the food then later adopted the same name.

Below you will find a recipie for lasagne using traditional italian ingredients.

Italian Lasagna






Making it:
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