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Spanish food is traditional and generally easy to make, it uses local ingredients so varies from region to region, with the different food sources avaliable. Many dishes are heavily influenced by sea food and unique flavouring from spices and herbs grown in many areas in and around spain. the most popular of all spanish dishes is Paella and is commonly seen as the national dish of spain.

Below you will find a recipie for Paella and how it varies between regions, with the different ingredients avaliable locally in spain.

Seafood Paella recipie







Making it:
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This recipie is for seafood Paella, this recipie originated from the eastern Velencian region of spain containing locally caught sea fish such as prawns, mussles and lobster. Many Paella recipies use spices or herbs to flavour and season the dishes such as saffron and bay leaves.

All paella recipies can be adapted and many ingredients changed or left out in order to change tastes or preferences