England is a proud country and the food shows as English traditional food is normally farmed in great Britain, a few of the most famous dishes that England has to offer are dishes like steak and chips, Sunday roast and traditional fry ups, normally English dishes are served with gravy like roast dinners, steak etc. check out the video to the left if you want to learn how to make a roast dinner, most food recipies from England are traditionally farmed meat dishes that are traditional recipies from years ago such as beef, lamb, pork, ham etc, various soups and England is the brewing capital of the world for beer as England has the purest water and finest hops to brew the best beer in the world.

steak and chips is a favourite among English traditional food, the term 'pub grub' is a saying which categorises steak and chips pub meaning public house which often has a bar, where people go to drink alcoholic beverages and food often in a beer garden.