Italy, Italy too is very patriotic about their food, they are almost perfectionists in their work. The Italians have brought so many famous dishes that are being used all over the world such as pizza, spaghetti and pasta dishes and there famous Bolognese,Italy is also the 2nd largest producer in wine, check out the video below to find out how to make a real healthy italian pizza.
you may think pizza as being really fattening un healthy food. but pizza actually origionates from being a healthy national meal for the italians, it has only been made un healthy by fast food companies, the fast food industry has destroyed the good taste flavours and textures of the origional italian pizza,
it is fast food companies such as pizza hut that have destroyed the once great healthy italian pizza. the fast food corps have made the healthy pizza un healthy by adding lots of fat and extra ingredients to make it more filling and more unhealthy

for great pizza making recipes that are original italian healthy pizzas check out the link below.