Spanish food and drink have been made in tradition for centuries, the main traditional dish that Spain is known for is paella and sangria this dish and drink have been made and served for centuries and are now being made famous in other countries. paella is now considered the national dish of spain it consists of various sea food and rice there are hundreds of different variations of making paella and is very good to experiment with. sangria is also considered a national beverage in spain its luscious fruity taste that uses spanish grown fruit and wine gives it its unique and own taste, the video below teaches you how to make a traditional spanish sangria and ways to experiment with it.
the dish above is a traditional looking pefected paella, the dish has been made using king prawns, shrimp and mussels, just one variation of paella that can be made.
sangria the spanish meaning 'bloody' as its dark red colour its a favourite in spain as its summery fruit taste just defines spain and is very accessible for spanish people to make, it also has no effect on what wine is selected for the drink as the fruit gives the drink its flavour and not the wine, so it could be a cheap beverage as a cheap wine could be chosen in favour of an expensive one if the taste has no effect.